exploring sacred concepts and
cosmic consciousness
through universal symbolism

The Sacred Sphere


Dear Reader -

I appreciate your interest in not only my book, but most importantly the wealth of information the Sacred Sphere - the true Sacred Sphere - provides with regard for our past, present, and future. The book was written so that you may understand universal relationships experienced and expressed by Ancient and Indigenous cultures from all corners of the world over the course of an untold number of generations.

Mitakuye Oyesin (Lakota: We are all related)




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ExpLoring sacred concepts and cosmic consciousness through universal symbolism

In 2003 engineer and environmental geologist Paul D. Burley chanced upon a previously unknown Native American medicine wheel at an elevation of over 10,500 feet in the mountains of Wyoming. During an intensive 9 year investigation he discovered that the intent of the wheel's sacred circular design is world-wide and many thousands - perhaps millions - of years old. It can be seen everywhere in the traditions of all Ancient and Indigenous cultures. In fact, it pervades all energy and matter throughout the universe and yet, until now it was unknown.

Discovery of this structure is about to result in a world-wide event that will change our understanding of the universe, and the course of humankind. The event will be the intersection first of Science and the Sacred.


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 The Station Stones of Stonehenge - Megaliths with Sacred Intent - new information about the greatest of all ancient European megalithic monuments. Click on the title or use link on the Book Information page.


The Sacred Sphere, a specific and unique spherical geometry, is buried in mythology, pictographic symbols and meanings, hidden from the unknowing, yet found everywhere if we simply pay attention, and listen for it. Personal experience, with patience, an open heart, and clear mind, can provide the ability to recognize it.

After 9 years rigorously and objectively exploring sacred symbolism, researching documents from around the world, conducting interviews, performing numerous field investigations, and presenting papers at professional and academic meetings and conferences, author Paul D. Burley concludes that  the Sacred Sphere is the most important symbol humans have ever known, and perhaps ever will know. Its numerous facets have been applied by shamans, priests and visionaries throughout history, people who opened themselves to communication with the cosmic consciousness that fills the universe. However, it is so much more.

The Sacred Sphere is about relationships - sacred relationships - between you and me, us and Earth, the Cosmos, the Creator and all of Creation - vital relationships understood by Ancient and Indigenous cultures. Those relationships create opportunites to experience and understand the meaning of life from both physical and metaphysical perspectives. Those relationships are now impacting the path humanity is traveling.

Burley discovered that recent investigations by physicists studying the two and three dimensional geometries expressed by 95% of energy in empty space - throughout the universe - are identical to the geometry of the Sacred Sphere. Astoundingly, as described in the book, based on current astrophysical data and numerical modeling it is probable that the same geometry represents the 4 dimensional shape of the universe itself . . . . the oldest symbol drawn by humans is the circle . . . . the purpose of many Ancient and Indigenous stone and wooden structures built with a circular design . . . . a sacred prehistoric symbol over 500 miles in diameter, the largest sacred symbol ever constructed on Earth, built by the Lakota . . . . the mythic Ark constructed for the Great Flood was designed as a sphere . . . . this spherical geometry is expressed by the nine worlds and 'nine skerry maidens' described in Norse mythology . . . . the Temple of Solomon, with its cubic design based on Ancient Egyptian temple architecture, likely included a domed roof . . . . interior and exterior geometrical and architectural evidence demonstrates that the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza symbolizes the rebirth of all humankind - in the past, present and future . . . . the same cubic and spherical geometries expressed in Mayan and Aztec artworks and architectures are identical to those of many other Ancient and Indigenous cultures from across the world, throughout time . . . . the text of Ezekeil's biblical vision of God's chariot (Merkaveh) describes the mechanics of the  25,800 year cycle of precession . . . . the Tree of Life diagram of mystical Kaballah is a sacred two dimensional representation of a three dimensional spherical structure . . . . the Magick Circle is geometrically equivalent to sacred circular symbols found in almost all historic and modern religions and lifeways . . . . symbolism depicted in temples and degrees of Freemasonry  expresses the same geometry as that of religions and lifeways practiced around the world . . . . all 2d sacred circular symbols are facets of a specific and unique 3d spherical geometry, unrecognized until now . . . . this spherical geometry, and its equivalent polygonal form, are the fundamental geometrical configurations that describe each of the five Platonic solids, Vesica Piscis, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, and many other structures of sacred geometry . . . . the Megalithic Yard, a fundamental unit of length associated with Ancient megalithic monuments in Europe, Africa and Asia, was also applied by prehistoric cultures in North Amercia . . . . and much, much more - all described in detail, with sources fully referenced, 170 illustrations, 21 color plates, and a bibliography to encourage further study.

The Sacred Sphere is a story of sacred geometry, fundamental aspects of energy and matter, spacetime, and the eternal human quest to know and appreciate our relationship with everything we experience in the universe. Indeed, it represents what is the meaning of life.

Most importantly, the Sacred Sphere is about you and me, and every person who has ever looked up to the sky and wondered, "Who am I, and why am I here . . . now."

In a vision experienced while on this journey, the author was told, "Pay attention . . . . . .   Listen." And now, with The Sacred Sphere, he tells you what he's heard . . . .

Please Note:  The first step along this journey would never have been made if it was not for the Lakota people and a medicine wheel they constructed all those years ago, and continue to maintain today. I am donating up to 25% of net sales of 'The Sacred Sphere' toward purchase and return of traditional indigenous sacred sites in the USA to Native Americans. Please help. Thank you.



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